Cat and Dog Training in Leesburg, VA with Pet Trainer Dr. Leslie Sinn

Behavioral problems can drive a wedge between you and your pet, and it can be hard to know how to reform your bond while correcting the behavior. At Leesburg Veterinary Hospital, part of our commitment to your pet’s health and the bond between you two is connecting you with specialists who can offer an extension of our care. Pet trainer and veterinarian, Dr. Leslie Sinn, has over 40 years of experience working with a variety of animals, so we’re sure she’ll be able to help yours! Call us and schedule your next cat and dog training session in Leesburg, VA today.

Cat and Dog Training in Leesburg, VA

Common Behavioral Problems

According to Dr. Sinn’s website, a recent American Animal Hospital Pet Owner Survey found that 60% of all pet owners were concerned about one or more behavioral issues with their pets. Pets can develop a behavioral condition for a variety of reasons including fear, anxiety, or even an underlying medical condition. A pet trainer like Dr. Sinn can help you find solutions for any type of behavioral issue as well as strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

Common behavioral problems she addresses include:

  • House-soiling
  • Noise phobias (fireworks, thunder)
  • Aggression
  • Excessive vocalization (barking, meowing, yowling)
  • Repetitive behaviors (light chasing, fly snapping, licking)
  • Separation anxiety
  • Destructive behaviors (digging, chewing, clawing)
  • Fear and anxiety (of groomers / veterinarians)
  • Senility (cognitive decline)
  • Hyperactivity
  • Attention seeking behaviors (pawing, begging, ripping)
  • Travel-related problems

Behavioral Modification and Other Treatments

After your initial consultation with Dr. Sinn, she will develop a comprehensive treatment plan for your pet. She designs each plan to suit both the pet and owner that allows you two to work on your own together without constant interaction from a pet trainer. The plan is broken down into simple, easy-to-follow steps that can help you change your pet’s behavior with positive reinforcement meant to build a trusting relationship.

In some cases, behavior modification will be coupled with medication. Typically, certain situations, where the pet is scared or anxious or has an underlying medical condition, will warrant medication. Each case is different so the best way to know if behavioral modification with a pet trainer will work is to try it yourself! Call us at (703) 777-3313.

For more information about behavior modification or to set up a consultation, contact Dr. Sinn at (540) 454-9081 or by emailing her at


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We just had our first happy visit and it was the most wonderful experience. The staff made us feel so welcome and just let us sit on floor and wander around. They truly care about their patients and about making them feel comfortable. I have recommend them to all of my friends for their animals and they are all as equally impressed as I am.

Visited Leesburg veterinary hospital when I wanted a second opinion and access to better technology. I am grateful for the peace of mind and although it is a bit of a drive I think I will be returning for regular care. Can't say thanks enough!

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I have been taking all my animals to the Leesburg Vet Hospital for forever!! I absolutely recommend them to ANYONE looking for a new vet!


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