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The Cat Friendly Practice program is more than a movement in Leesburg—it is a global initiative to reduce the stress of veterinary visits for cats and their owners. Started by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and the International Society for Feline Medicine (ISFM), the program focuses not only on improving the experience of cats in the vet clinic but also their owners and the veterinary staff themselves! Leesburg Veterinary Hospital has taken this initiative to heart and achieved the status of Gold which means our practice has incorporated cat-friendly techniques into every layer of our animal hospital. Call our team to learn more and schedule an appointment for your cat!

The Importance of Cat Friendly Practices

Far too few cats see the veterinarian as much as they should. Cats are often viewed as independent pets who pretty much care for themselves. While they are more reclusive generally than their canine companions, cats need just as much veterinary care. However, due to the increased stress of cat visits to the vet, many owners forego taking them. This needs to change. The AAFP and ISFM recognized this issue and addressed it head-on with the Cat Friendly Practice initiative. The program addresses a range of areas an animal practice can improve upon to make it more appealing to cats and their owners. Some of the elements that make our practice more feline-friendly include:

  • Separate waiting room for cats
  • Cat-friendly exam rooms with soothing visuals, low music, and hiding spots for cats to feel safe in
  • Lots of treats to ease cats into being handled and feeling comfortable
  • Staff trained in feline handling (speaking softly, moving slowly, gentle handling)
  • Educated staff trained to recognize subtle feline behaviors
  • Expert feline advice that helps you use cat-friendly tactics at home such as helping your cat become comfortable in their carrier

And there's much more where that came from! For more information about our Cat Friendly Practice, please get in touch today!

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