People and Pets

These are the wonderful pets and clients that are part of the Leesburg Veterinary Hospital family! If you would like to see your pet showcased here, please send us a photo!

This is Taco - a 14 year old, 100 pound Akita, who is lovingly referred to by his people as "The Amazing Chakita Bear!" Besides a little arthritis, Taco is doing well for a dog his age.

This is Sandy, a one year old Shepherd Lab mix, who was recently rescued from Iraq. She had her first appointment with Dr. Stricklad last week.

This is Tiffany with her cat. Technically, his name is Eric, but he prefers to go by Smudge.

Little Tara, an LVH adoptee, who is now in a wonderful, loving home.

Ringo, an English Springer Spaniel puppy, with his owner Debra.

Rhino - a Blue Merle Chihuahua puppy.

This is Ellie, an eight week rough-coated Collie. She came in to see Dr. Strickland for her new baby checkup.