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Hospital Management

Melissa DavisMelissa Davis, Office Manager

Melissa has been a member of the Leesburg Veterinary Hospital team since 2006 and one of our Veterinary Technicians until March 2016. Due to her experience in all of our departments and prior administrative and accounting experience, she was recently promoted to LVH’s Office Manager. Melissa’s goal as Office Manager is to foster positive relationships among our staff and with our clients and patients. "Strong communications between our different departments creates a happy work environment and helps us best serve the needs of our animal family."

Originally from New Jersey, Melissa gained hands-on veterinary experience working with six month old foals as part of the Equine Research Program at Rutgers University. At the same time also worked at an after-hours only small animal emergency hospital, gaining a tremendous amount of valuable knowledge. She has a special interest in wildlife and exotics as well, and spent a year volunteering for the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center. Melissa has always known that she wanted to be an important part of a veterinary practice, and has been gaining as much experience as possible in all departments since the age of sixteen.

Melissa currently shares her home with her husband and young daughter. Her family shares their home with two dogs (Jersey Girl & Dozer), two cats (Junior & Shady), and a Veiled Chameleon named Vincent. When not working, she enjoys hiking, photography, music, travel, and being an advocate for the environment.

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Krista ClayKrista Clay, Medical Records Manager

Over the past two years, Krista has been leading the effort to turn Leesburg Veterinary Hospital into a "paperless" organization. Her hard has paid off as our practice recently made the switch to electronic medical records in November 2014.

Krista began her career at LVH in 2005 working in the kennel as a Technician Assistant. Since then, she has worked in several departments, including assisting the doctors with clinical care and patient appointments, and managing the kennel and Technician Assistant Team. She was also a critical figure in the organized and seamless move of our hospital to its new facility in 2011.

"I love every aspect of my job. I have my hands in a little bit of everything, from the care of patients to the organization of the hospital," she said of her work. "I love to be challenged." Taking on the switch to paperless sure was a challenge, but Krista was continually motivated knowing the change would result in better care for our patients and more effective communications with our clients.

Krista shares her home with two dogs (Jadah and Nala) and two cats (JJ and Keko). She is an avid fan of hiking, spending time at the ocean, kayaking, camping and fishing.

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Licensed Veterinary Technicians

Leesburg Veterinary Hospital is proud to employ licensed veterinary technicians (LVTs) as the first line of medical support to our veterinarians. Licensed veterinary technicians complete a two or four year course of study in veterinary medicine at a school that has been accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), as well as pass the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE). To stay current on the latest veterinary advancements and techniques or to pursue a specialty, all of our LVTs participate in continuing education courses each year.

Kimberly ShafferKimberly Shaffer, LVT
Clinical Technician Supervisor

Kimberly became a licensed veterinary technician in 2005 after graduating from NOVA Community College with an Associate's degree in Applied Science; she has been with Leesburg Veterinary Hospital collectively since 1998.

While attending school, Kimberly also worked at an emergency specialty hospital where she gained experience in critical care monitoring, triage, and general nursing care, with some observation in neurology, internal medicine, and cardiology. In 2006, Kimberly returned to LVH, bringing her interests in emergencies, nursing care, and client education.

She enjoys continuing education and is currently working toward her technician specialty in Clinical Practices. She is Technician Supervisor of LVH, meaning she is responsible for developing new protocols, training our LVT's, inventory duties, and helping to ensure our team members carry-out our core values.

Kimberly has lived in Virginia since 1995 and currently lives in Leesburg with her husband and two children. Her family shares their home with two dogs (Chai and Gator), a cat (Sunny), an iguana (Cena), two leopard geckos (Paul and Antonio), and three fish tanks of fish. She enjoys outdoor activities, reading, and spending time with her family and friends.

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Jennifer StricklandJennifer Strickland, LVT

Licensed veterinary technician Jennifer has been working professionally with animals her entire life. This is just as it should be, given that she's the owner's daughter. She has been working at Leesburg Veterinary Hospital since June of 2006.

Jennifer is also the head technician, which means that she oversees staff. "I'm a very good multi-tasker," she said. "And I'm a people person." These are two qualities that definitely help make her as good as she is in helping to run the hospital. Jennifer has an Associate's Degree in Veterinary Technology.

"We are a big family and we all work together for the common good of the animals. Each of us has a love for them," Jennifer said. "This hospital helps me achieve the best I can be and has a very good support system behind it!"

Jennifer has two dogs, Chesney and Wyatt; along with six horses and one barn cat. She is a self-described outdoor person.

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Joanne ScottJoanne Scott, LVT

Joanne has been as a licensed veterinary technician since 2005. She has her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education, a Master of Science degree in Education, and an Associate's degree in Veterinary Technology. She shares her home with a wide variety of species including dogs, cats, small mammals, and reptiles. Joanne has a special place in her heart for senior animals and those with special needs including Nick Fury, her one-eyed dog, T-shirt, a paralyzed cat, and Oreo, who has lymphoma.

Joanne's professional interests include massage therapy, nursing care for senior pets, working with exotic animals, and hospice and palliative care. In 2009 she completed a course on canine massage through Equissage. She is also a Reiki II practitioner, and in the Fall 2012, completed her first course in Tellington TTouch. Joanne is a member of the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care and the International Veterinary Academy for Pain Management.

Joanne enjoys doing volunteer work with animals. She works with Small Angels Rescue fostering chinchillas, mice and guinea pigs. She also fosters orphan kittens for the Loudoun County Animal Shelter, the Humane Society of Loudoun County and animals for Leesburg Veterinary Hospital.

Joanne manages the Petfinder account for Leesburg Veterinary Hospital. Petfinder is an online searchable database for animals that need to be rescued from shelters and adoption organizations. Their web address is www.petfinder.com/shelters/VA501.html.

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Joanne ScottAnnie Clark, LVT

Annie has worked in the veterinary field since 2003, although her passion for animals has been in her heart since she can remember. She graduated with an Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology from Northern Virginia Community College in 2015. Annie also earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology from George Mason University. This may be one of the reasons why she is so interested in animal behavior. She attempts to understand and comfort animals to the best of her ability.

State-of –the-art technologies and a team environment motivate Annie to learn as much as she can to help animals. “I have never seen such an amazing facility and love being part of a team that all care so much about each and every patient like they are their own!”

Annie is also interested in wildlife rehabilitation and volunteered to care for injured, recuperating wildlife on Florida’s gulf coast. Annie shares a home with her husband and two cats, Heno and Yuri; she treats them as her children.

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Olivia ArmandOlivia Armand, LVT

Olivia became a Licensed Veterinary Technician after graduating from Northern Virginia Community College with an Associate degree in Veterinary Technology in May 2016. She has been a part of the LVH team since November 2016. While attending school, Olivia interned at a surgical specialty practice where she gained experience with thorough surgical nursing and anesthesia monitoring skills. Before joining Leesburg Veterinary Hospital, she worked for a high volume spay and neuter practice that treated many feral cats and shelter animals.

“I enjoy working with the community to educate clients about quality animal care, while also helping to keep pets happy and healthy. Working with animals has been a lifelong passion of mine. The doctors and team at Leesburg Veterinary Hospital encourage me to learn more and continuously grow within the veterinary industry.”

Olivia shares her home with a six-year-old Aussiedoodle names Myloh, two feral rescue cat sisters, Norah and Audrey, and Eloise, a Lionhead rabbit. “All of my pets are very friendly and members of my family.”

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Amy CruzAmy Cruz, Veterinary Assistant Supervisor

As a member of the LVH team since 2003, Amy has worked in almost every department of our hospital and knows the ins-and-outs of the facility and operations like the back of her hand. "In the past thirteen years, I have learned so much, and continue to learn every day."

The veterinary assistants play a key role in keeping our appointments on time and aiding the veterinarians and technicians when needed. From preparing charts and obtaining medical histories from clients, to holding patients during exams, and to performing laboratory tests, the veterinary assistants are truly involved in every part of our patients’ care before, during, and after their appointments.

As the Veterinary Assistant Supervisor, Amy understands the challenging nature of this position and trains the entire veterinary assistant team to work efficiently and thoroughly to best serve the rest of our staff, our clients, and patients. In addition, she is also in charge of our pharmacy and in-house medication inventory.

Amy shares her home with two dogs, an eleven year old pit bull named Homie, and a fifteen year old tiny Chihuahua named Cinnamon; she also has two cockatiel birds. "All of my animals are very spoiled. I try to treat all my patients the way I treat my pets."

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Grooming Staff

Kim TeleszKim Telesz, Groomer

Kim is a certified groomer, earning her certification from The Maryland School of Dog Grooming in 2001. Kim has been grooming in traditional salons as well as in the mobile grooming business for many years.

Kim attends several seminars for professional groomers each year to stay current on grooming trends and techniques.

Kim comes to Leesburg Veterinary Hospital with outstanding credentials. She shares our philosophy and motto of "Caring is What We Do Best." Kim is professional, compassionate, and very enthusiastic.

When she isn't working, she spends her time with her beloved Australian Terrier named Fletch.

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