We provide boarding for cats and dogs with medical conditions that necessitate overnight care. Our skilled hospital team provides patients with individualized care, with the added benefit of having a doctor nearby.

Our canine guests enjoy a temperature controlled kennel equipped with comfortable bedding and calming classical music playing. They are walked four times a day, or more if needed, by our friendly assistant team and regularly checked on by our licensed veterinary nurses. We encourage our clients to bring their pet’s own pet food, toys, and labeled medications (if needed) to ensure a comfortable, Fear Free stay.

Our feline guests have condos with multiple floors per cage for more room to exercise. Each guest gets individual "free time" twice daily for added exercise. Because we proudly have a Cat Friendly facility, we aim to make your cat’s environment as comfortable as possible, utilizing Fear Free items such as Feliway sprays and diffusers, along with treats and catnip!